The Chocolate Side

I’ll start with one of my latest cooking whims. It was a chocolate cake recipe taken from Nigella Lawson‘s book Kitchen.I must say that Nigella is my all time favorite cook, not only does she make really yummy easy to follow recipes but also her books are a super fun read. I admit also that I binge watched all her aired shows and that at the end of each I always felt like cooking something even if it was just for myself.

Anyway this recipe was taken from her book and its also available on her website under the name Devil’s Food Cake.

The truth is I very rarely have all the ingredients required by a recipe (even easy like this one) available in my kitchen. So here’s the little alterations I did to this recipe. For the cake I just used 2 tsps of baking powder and no Bicarb that I was supposed to; Vanilla is really hard to find in the markets around my house, and I’m to lazy to go find it so no vanilla in my cake; and last but not least the brown sugar saga was a drag since, I actually entered 3 different supermarkets in my area and that day they all seamed to be out of it (I know they have it the little bastards!), so regular caster sugar for me. As for the frosting I didn’t have the brown sugar and because I used all the caster sugar I had at home for the cake I used powder sugar for the frosting, no problem. Actually this lack of caster sugar has a reason rather than my laziness to have happened. It happens that some markets here in Istanbul seam to think that people will only use cubed sugar for their tea or if this is not the case the only other option is getting a 5kg bag of sugar instead. Well what if I just want a regular 1 kg? Is it too much to ask? But well I know I can always change markets but this is one is the cheap one so I just figured I could use the powder sugar I had at home anyway and save my money for other things.

Anyway the cake recipe was quite easy to follow and even if my cream of butter and sugar in the beginning wasn’t as creamy as it should be (I guess) the rest of the recipe was a breeze and really relaxing. The cake came out of my little electrical oven 25 minutes later fluffy and sooo freaking moist! I was super excited to eat it but well my frosting was still in process.

I must say that this was the first time that I actually managed to be a little patient to let the frosting cool down enough that it would be thicker. What happens is, when you actually mix the ingredients for the frosting and you take it out of the heat they are really liquid. They taste alright (of course its chocolate with sugar and butter!) but you can’t really put it on top of the cake that just came out of the oven. So just chillax, let the cake cool down and let the frosting do the same. If you are like me and start not believing that this crap will ever be thicker than it is and you have more stuff to do than waiting to eat, you do what I did. I just put the frosting bowl in the fridge after it was in ambient temperature, and after around 15 minutes it was as thick as nutella. I just whisked it again with the mixer and then to the cake top. It was super easy and fun  and well not that messy actually (when the frostings are more liquid it’s super messy!).

The cake came out super nice and with a bitter chocolate taste that was a success. I invited some friends over for dinner and I must say I had very very good reviews on it 🙂 Everybody loved it and actually because it was so freaking moist the cake lasted 4 days and it was still pretty good! So yey Nigella, you never fail me.

So this was a baking post. The thing that I really liked about this is that even with the lack of ingredients it was pretty easy to make and it was so good that I wonder how much better it will be if the next time I do it with all the ingredients. Also this cake to actually bake didn’t take that long, I was just hanging with a friend at home while baking and really just waiting for the frosting was the only boring part, but as I said, just put it in the fridge, it worked out alright and super glossy actually.

So give it a try and enjoy!

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