Cheesy Treats

It was one of those days that I really wanted some salty and tasty guilty pleasure style of a treat and I had nothing on the fridge, as usual. I also had people coming over, didn’t want to spend a butt load of money or had that much time to cook for that matter. So I came up with this borek recipe, that I ended up repeating for 3 times in the last month. Borek is a kind of Turkish pastry usually salty and used as an appetizer.

So here is what you need for 20 little boreks:

  • 300g packet of Yufka(if you live in Turkey) or a package of filo pastry (around the same amount)
  • 200g of Taze kaşar (I got the brand Mis) or another type of cheese like Cheddar’ or another one that you may have in  your country that melts nicely and it’s not super strong.
  • 1/2 Sucuk (250g usually) or another type of salty sausage you may have available, chorizo could do, anything with a spicy salty taste that you like.
  • 1 egg
  • salt, chili pepper powder (pul biber) and thyme(kekik)
  • Olive oil and butter to taste

And you do it like this: (this takes around 30 minutes seriously!) 1) Get your oven hot and ready. It always depends on the freaking oven but I pumped mine up to 300 Celsius. 2) Put some olive oil on your tray. For these you can use a plane tray or a cupcake tray, I even used a pie tart to put these babies in the oven once, so use what you have at home. 3) Beat the egg in a small little container and add the spices to taste, if you like it spicy go for extra chili pepper powder. 4) Cut your cheese into small flat squares and your sucuk in not so thin slices. borek-25) Yufka sheets can come in triangles, or squares or full circles, same goes for your filo pastry. I used the triangle ones that spare me the cutting process, but if you got any other shape just carefully cut it to a size enough to accommodate one square of cheese and a slice of sausage. borek-4


6) Wrap the cheese and sausage inside the Yufka. I usually cover the cheese and sucuk with the first layer; then I bend the sides over so i make a little square and then keep on rolling. borek-6


7) When it’s all tucked in just dunk it in the egg and spices mix to close it up and give it color while it cooks, and put it in the tray. You can use a bit of butter to stick one sheet of yufka to another if don’t have any problem against extra calories.(I don’t obviously.)borek-88) Cook it in the oven for around 15 minutes or until it’s golden and you will probably see some cheese melting out of the borek. I served it hot and with some wine πŸ™‚ borek-9


These pictures were taken the last time I cooked these, when my friends from Portugal came to visit me in Istanbul. I was a lovely week full of fun, touristic places and so much good food that I’m actually thinking about doing a post about restaurants once in a while over here. But the point is as always I had a blast cooking this for my friends and it took no time at all. While you are in good company it’s always easier. And since these moment on the side was a special one I leave you a picture of my living room mirror where my dear friend Luisa left a lovely message before she left for Portugal again πŸ™‚ 1939873_10204301295505761_6847698928865233718_nLet me know if you tried this and if you liked it. Enjoy!

One thought on “Cheesy Treats

  1. True! cheese on anything really I guess πŸ™‚ pasta with cheese, cheesecake, cheesy potatoes πŸ™‚ you name it πŸ™‚ Maybe I should post most cheese recipes πŸ™‚

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