The Music Side

Getting a bit off topic today, so bare with me will you? Even if this will in fact be served with a side of a delicious recipe, today I’m up for showing you another side of my life instead, hence the title.

So let’s be honest here, I didn’t have time to cook all the week, zero, nada, anything. Yey for eating out or not eating at all. With the amount of times I eat out I should start making reviews about the cheap restaurants in Istanbul (not a bad idea right?). Not the case today though.

As I referred  in my About page I’m a bit of an hobby freak, the photography, the cooking, the drawing, the knitting…and the best: the singing. Well I love it and even if I’m not perfect (who is really?!) I do enjoy the times I’m at home with my glass of wine and just strumming my (very bad) guitar so I can sing along to it.

10704067_10204062937546961_4813021383706075910_n wine-1

After this I should tell you that I’m kind of addicted to Lana del Rey. Problem is in fact, most of the times I want to sing something, I can’t really play it and that annoys the hell out of me! Anyway, here’s my music side demo for you.

I know it’s short. Honestly I have a bunch of recorded songs but I need to work on them before I’m actually able to share them with the world. Good thing this blog isn’t just about music, otherwise it would take ages for me to post anything. Really.

Since we are on Lana del Rey mood, my lana of the cooking world is Nigella Lawson, as you might have guessed from my constant references to her recipes. This is an old picture of Chocolate Banana Muffins that I took from Nigella Lawson’s website.


This recipe is easy and they come out so so tasty. Actually this time I cooked them I used the wrong type of baking soda (ups! I read the label in the market wrong. I blame my Turkish!) and they didn’t grow as much as they should. Even like that they were fluffy and packed with banana flavor.

If you are reading this, you should try this recipe. Everybody loves banana with chocolate, so everybody loves these.

Enjoy 🙂

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Golden Key.”

3 thoughts on “The Music Side

  1. I’m facing the drama in the kitchen almost every week but it’s getting better each time! Chocolate banana muffins is a great tip for my next kitchen experiment, thank you for the tip!

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