The Winter Side

So the cold has set in and that makes it ok to drink more wine and eat more cheese. Sorry that’s the truth. For this same reason I ended up cooking this cheese appetizer twice this past week. Yes I have a thing with calories too, deal with it. It’s the best thing ever, really. You can make it in around 30 minutes, no hassle and really not that much dirty dishes. You can pick on it while sitting in your couch with your friends and be warm and happy. Goes well with red wine, off course.

This time around I joined it with a try out for a recipe of Hot Wine, also known as Mulled Wine, request of a friend of mine. So even if we didn’t have all the ingredients it came out sweet, orangie and spicy. I must say this was one of the most successful combinations that I’ve ever done with this cheesy appetizer and you should just give it a try.

For the cheesy melty appetizer you’ll need:

  • 1 medium onion
  • 200g cheddar cheese/ Kaşar cheese / any other mild and easy to melt cheese
  • 120g of ham or turkey ham (I used turkey ham that’s available in any market)
  • 6 full Tbsp on mayonnaise (I use Calve that’s a bit sweeter, I find the Turkish brand mayo a bit more vinegary and I don’t like it as much)

So and you go around them like this:

1) You chop everything to tiny tiny pieces. If you have a vegetable chopper, use it. Don’t be crazy like me, I like chopping, it’s therapeutically. But honestly, the chopper is faster and you won’t get onion all over the place.

2) So now get a container that can go the oven. Put the chopped onion, the chopped ham and the chopped cheese inside. I didn’t have a big enough container, I used 2 smaller ones. No problem.

Cheese-5 Cheese-6


3) Involve all the ingredients with mayo until its a chunky thick paste. It’s not that much mayo actually just enough to blend them all together. If you think you need a little more, go ahead.


4) Turn on the oven on 250C and let it all melt until it’s golden on top. It will take around 15min, depending on your oven.

5) Serve warm with bread, toast, crackers, breadsticks, whatever you prefer. You can also keep the leftovers in the fridge for the next day, and make a cold sandwich with it and tomato. It’s also very good.




For the Mulled Wine I took the recipe from About Food website. We didnt have ginger or brandy. So no brandy was used and instead of ginger I used black pepper. Yes it was spicy and I loved it. Just try it.

This is the ideal thing to do with just another one or two people, or maybe if you have some romantic evening planned, why not? I mean who doesnt’t like cheese, wine and a warm blanket? The cheese appetizer could serve easy 6 people, but if you are only eating this and no main dish, well 2 or 3 people will do. It does take a lot of bread to go with it though.

Tomorrow I’ll take a trip to Portugal for one of my best friends wedding so my next post will have some Portuguese recipes made probably not by me. And some party pics!

Enjoy the winter and eat some cheese !

Cheers πŸ˜‰

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