The lazy side

After all the Christmas madness my lazy side kicked in full power. Hence no posts for a month (also I was out in Portugal for a week so I have valid excuses, I guess) and now this lazy post.

Everyone has those days that you want to eat cozy home made food but you really don’t want to be chopping and stirring for an hour. So this is what I do : Creamy Mushroom Pasta. I must say it’s not the healthiest recipe of all time, but when you have your lazy mode on, who cares?

Everything is basically out of a can or a bag, except the onion that is the only thing you actually have to chop. This recipe serves around 4 people, maybe just 2 if they are really hungry.

Here’s what you need:

1) 250g / around half a bag of pasta (whatever shape you like,I love the little bows)

2) 1 medium onion

3) 100 g of Kaşar/ Cheedar cheese

4) 1 can of chopped mushrooms ( usually around 300g depends on the brand)

5) 200 ml of cream (also one small can/box)

6) Olive oil, salt and pepper

Here’s how you do it:

1) Put water to boil. When it’s boiling add salt to taste and the pasta. Let it cook for around 10 to 12 minutes.

2) In the meantime, chop the onion and the cheese in tiny cubes(if you got the cheese shredded already, better!)




3) In a small pan add some olive oil, enough to cook the onions. Add a little salt to the onions and when they start getting soft add the chopped mushrooms. Let them cook until they’re both soft, this will take around 3 minutes. Take it off the heat.


4) By now the pasta should be cooked, so just drain it and put it back in the pan.

5) In low heat, add the onions and mushrooms to the pasta. Then add the cream and cheese and mix them all.

6) By the time the cheese is all melted and mixed with the cream, its ready to munch away. Add salt and pepper to your preference.



So that’s all! Pretty easy right? I need to say that I do this pasta more often than I should, but then again I’m super lazy. Also, this works for me since all the ingredients are super cheap and I can easily get them from the market on my way home. It’s ideal for those nights you just want to eat something warm in front of your TV with a nice glass of wine.

I must say that I did cook like crazy for Christmas but since I had people coming over and no time to spare, no pictures were taken of the preparation so those recipes will have to stay for another time. Hopefully not so long from now.

Nice Sunday to all of you and Enjoy!! 🙂


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