The Irish Side

Being here writing again feels a bit weird and nostalgic in a way. But first things first.

Why did I stop posting, you ask. Well by this time last year I was planning to move from Istanbul to Dublin, and that made me really busy and a bit mad to be honest. I had things to finish at work and a short amount of time to seize with the people that became my family. After I moved to Dublin, it was time to search for a new job, a new life and discover what I could do around here. No drama, I love it here. But I did have to wrap my head around missing somethings Istanbul gave me, and focus on getting my life together here. That’s why I took so long to write.

Why am I writing now, you ask. Well 1 year of inactivity is long enough, I missed taking pictures of food, and sharing my culinary experiments with you. Also, my life here is more put together now, new house, new friends and a more stable schedule that allows me to plan for my baking and my posting. So no more fucking excuses to be lazy!


Alright!!! So the Irish Side! Yeah!! So the food options here revolve around loads of potatoes (true as expected), seafood, beef (very good beef), sausages, a heart attack inducing delicious breakfast, and alcohol. Yes!! Loads of Guinness, Whiskey and Baileys. Honestly I do enjoy a good Guinness! But to cook this time I chose Baileys, as it does allow for more options to cook desserts, since it’s creamier and sweeter than the other two options. So here it is Baileys Coffee No-Bake Cheesecake. Also booze is really appropriate now since St. Patrick’s day is around the corner, and we here will celebrate accordingly!!


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 240g of butter
  • 600g of tea biscuits (2 packets of 300g)
  • 400g of cream cheese
  • 200g of double cream or whipping cream
  • 250g of icing sugar
  • 1 cup of coffee (instant coffee or filter)
  • 250ml of Baileys Irish Cream
  • 200g of bitter chocolate


Here’s how you do it:

  1. Smash 1 packet of tea biscuits into powder using a rolling pin and a freezer bag. If you have a blender (I don’t) you can use the blender too it may be faster. Melt the butter over low heat and pour it on the biscuits. Stir until it looks like wet sand.
  2. Pour the biscuit and butter mix on the bottom of the pie tin and spread until it’s uniform. Drizzle a bit of coffee on top of the biscuit base. Put it in the fridge to harden.
  3. In a bowl whip the double cream until it forms firm peaks. Add the cream cheese and whip again for a bit until it’s all blended. Stir in 100ml of Baileys (it’s about 7 table spoons). Stir until uniform. Sift 200g of icing sugar into the blow, and mix.
  4. Pour half of cream cheese mix on top of the biscuit base. Spread it until it’s uniform.
  5. Take 6 full biscuits from a packet and dip them in the coffee. Set them aside on a plate. After they’re set, transfer them to the top of the cream and cheese mix. It’s important not to do this directly from the coffee to the top of the cheese mix, since a lot of liquid might ruin the texture of the cheesecake. Distribute the 6 biscuits in order to roughly cover the surface of the cream.
  6. Cover the coffee dipped biscuits with the other half of cream and cheese mix. Spread until it’s all leveled and even. Let it set in the fridge for 4 hours.
  7. When the 4 hours are about to be done, melt the chocolate in Bain Marie. Take off the heat, and gradually, spoon by spoon, add the remaining 150ml of Baileys. Mix well until it’s creamy, and sift in the remaining 50g of icing sugar.
  8. Take the cheesecake from the fridge and pour the chocolate sauce on top of it. Spread until even, decorate with tea biscuits to taste.
  9. Let set in the fridge overnight. And Voila!!


For a person that doesn’t enjoy Bailey’s on a regular basis this cheesecake really hit the spot. It’s really tasty!! It actually surprised me since I usually don’t cook anything with alcohol, I was expecting to make a big mess! The only thing I would change is maybe using a bit more coffee on the base. Check the dose of Bailey’s you use as well, too much Bailey’s in the cheesecake will make it too runny. More Bailey’s in the chocolate sauce will make it taste even more like Bailey’s, not so bad but it could be too overpowering I guess. But trying never hurt anyone!! So go mad agus Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig oraibh!!!


I’m super happy I’m doing this again!! If you have any doubts or questions drop me a comment below!!

Cheers! 🙂


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