• My Bread (another self-isolation post)

    22/04/2020 by

    Week 6 and here we are again, still isolated with fuck all to do, pardon my French. Not to anyone’s surprise, I guess, I jumped on the bread baking train and dedicated myself over the past 2 weeks to developing the perfect loaf for me, to share with you.

  • Milk Tart

    06/04/2020 by

    Here we are again, still in quarantine. For the same reasons as I mentioned in my last post, I’m keeping on with the simple ingredients and on budget baking. This time I’ve decided to try a recipe for a simple Milk Tart, which technically for me is just a Custard pie, but hey potato potato.

  • 5 Dates with your Valentines / Gallentines

    11/02/2020 by

    February is here and the only special date that breaks up the month is Valentine’s day. Needless to say not all of us want to celebrate this holiday, while others actually do enjoy the romance of the season. I’m of the opinion that any excuse to do something different is valid, so if you want… Read more

  • Chouxnuts with Grapefruit and Ginger Curd

    27/01/2020 by

    These are so delicious that I can’t believe I only had this idea right now! I was thinking that I was the first to have the brilliant idea of having a donut made out of choux pastry, but sadly I wasn’t, obviously. However, I do think the full flavor combination is quite a rare one right?

  • Grapefruit Cake

    20/01/2020 by

    This is the season for Grapefruits to be super cheap and so here’s a cake to use all those fruits we have lying around. This is a simple fluffy cake, so easy to make in fact that I find it ideal for a Sunday morning bake. How lovely would it be to have a slice… Read more

  • Shortbread Chocolate Swirl Cookies

    16/12/2019 by

    It’s almost Christmas and I had to join the cookie baking madness! Who doesn’t love to receive a few cookies over this season? Or just have the lovely smell of freshly baked cookies invade the all house? Also stuffing your face and the faces of your loved ones is possibly the most Christmassy thing ever! So I’ve made this easy Shortbread Chocolate Swirl Cookies to give away and I’m pretty happy how they turned out.

  • Chocolate Pear Tartelettes

    03/12/2019 by

    This week I’m finally posting these chocolate and pear tartelettes. They’re super delicious and so easy to make. I must say, I’ve took an obscene amount of time to write this recipe, but here it is and right on time for Christmas. It’s a classic combination really, and who doesn’t want chocolate right about now?

  • Strawberry Cheesecake Swiss Roll

    25/11/2019 by

    Yes, I finally ventured into the swiss roll situation and I’m happy to report it was success: Fully baked and no cracks! This time I’ve made a vanilla roll with a Strawberry Cheesecake filling and topped it all with a white chocolate topping. So let’s say, as usual, I actually didn’t plan on making the… Read more

  • Apple Raspberry Pies

    20/11/2019 by

    I believe these qualify as a new favorite of mine since I ate about 4 of these and I didn’t even count the calories!The flavor combo and decoration itself is pretty Christmassy so I’m sure we can add these again to the table when everyone is over for the main meal!

  • The Fancy Side

    27/04/2017 by

    So why did my usual cheap self decide to be fancy this time? Well I got invited to a baby shower, and since I really had no time to get anything else I just baked the cake, and if I’m doing just that I might as well go all out right?? I mean it’s so supposed to be a delicious gift so it should be pretty and tasty at the same time!

  • The Budget Side 3 (a.k.a. Pizza Sticks)

    29/02/2016 by

    Hey! It’s the end of the month and I’m totally broke again! Trying to save money sucks, but at least I can have some party food anyway! This time I’ve made Pizza Sticks, or if you are in Turkey, you can call them Pizza Borek. This little invention of mine is made using very very convenient store bought everything! So it’s cheap, it’s easy and it’s fast, just my thing!

  • The Christmas Side 2 (Black Forest Cupcakes)

    24/12/2015 by

    I set my mind on making a Christmas sweet that I could serve for today’s Christmas dinner party, so it had to be somewhat traditional, that I could make ahead of time, that was easy, fast and not so expensive. Honestly I guess I spent more time thinking about how to make it fast than actually doing it, so success. Black Forest Cupcakes are the shit!

  • The Portuguese Side 2 (a.k.a Sweet Bean Pies)

    25/11/2015 by

    And you did read the title right, I am baking Sweet Bean Pies, one of my favorite Portuguese traditional pastries. And now you would be like BEAN PIES? BEAN? REALLY? Yes, yes, white bean fucking pies! THEY’RE GREAT!! Ok, I’m getting too excited about this.

  • The Spooky Side

    27/10/2015 by

    o I decided to try out a recipe I found on Pinterest for Pumpkin Cookies and today I bring you the same recipe with a little update on the ingredients and on their shape since now they look like pumpkins! So cute right??

  • The Experimental Side (or the Brazilian Side part 2)

    24/09/2015 by

    So this week I wanted to share with you an experiment I did last Sunday while trying to figure out what I wanted to cook as much as I wanted to eat. I didn’t want sweets but also I didn’t want a massive dish that I wouldn’t be able to eat because I can’t seem to be able to cook for less than 4 people that are extremely hungry. I wanted something salty that I could snack on, and that would last for around 3 days without going bad. So I remembered Brazilian Cheese Bread…

  • The Summer Side

    05/08/2015 by

    So what can I cook that works as a desert/snack/cake, but it’s nice and cold? Cheesecake! Yeah! So I did it, and I made it a banana cheesecake with chocolate cookie base, because banana and chocolate. No baking needed (no more heat in the kitchen) and it’s so easy!

  • The Turkish Side

    22/07/2015 by

    I’m back and I bring breakfast with me. If you never traveled to Turkey you are missing their amazing BREAKFAST. I can easily and surely say that, for me, this is the best Turkish culinary treat.

  • The Drunk Side

    17/06/2015 by

    Istanbul gets warmer every day and a girl needs a drink every once in a while. So Sangria is my to go thing right now. It’s fruity, it’s fresh and cheap cause you can use whatever fruits are in season at the moment.

  • The Low Budget Side (or The Totally Broke Side 2)

    27/05/2015 by

    End of the month cooking means (at least for me ok?) stretching those last cents until a beautiful new paycheck gets to my bank account. And I don’t wanna eat pasta all the time,ok? Yes you can have too much pasta, it’s possible. In come Express Pizzas! No it’s not take away!

  • The Brazilian Side

    13/05/2015 by

    CHOCOLATE AGAIN? YES PLEASE! Brazilian traditional party food calls for Brigadeiros! And if you don’t know what those are, you are about to learn!

  • The Busy Side

    28/04/2015 by

    This time I baked tuna, red pepper and cheese mini quiches and they were SUPER DELICIOUS!

  • The Seasonal Side

    13/04/2015 by

    Strawberries everywhere! Isn’t it awesome? Well I think it is! So this being the season to get some good strawberries at a reasonable price, this weekend I decided to put together a nice combo of Strawberry Cupcakes with Yogurt Frosting !

  • The Rabbit Side

    07/04/2015 by

    So there Easter goes and with it a full weekend full of delicious things to eat. For me it was no different, so I baked a Crunchy Chocolate Carrot Easter Cake.I made the cake version of this awesome moist Portuguese recipe for carrot cupcakes and I added to eat a bitter chocolate cookie frosting. Omg… Read more

  • The Totally Broke Side

    29/03/2015 by

    End of the month right? Guess most of us are totally broke around this time, and I’m not an exception, definitely. So when it comes to cooking it’s kinda awesome if you can bake something using mostly items you already have around the house and spare some bucks. So I managed to bake Banana Cupcakes with Devil’s food frosting.

  • The Portuguese Side

    23/03/2015 by

    Home sickness hits sometimes and for that I have food to make me feel all better. And if it’s not home sickness I’ll just find another reason to make this pie because I love it. And it gets so much extra points for making all the house smell like baked apples.

  • The Cookie Monster Side

    18/03/2015 by

    So I have been having a bit of a cookie monster phase, in that, I can’t stop eating these Chocolate Nutella Cookies I made! They are crunchy , chocolaty and filled with Nutella, it just kinda makes it impossible for me to just leave them there sitting on the table. It has been also quite hard to edit these pictures without eating them at the same time.

  • The Mad side

    07/03/2015 by

    So I found myself in a bit of a planning/cooking madness last week and that turned into a weekend of baking to test frosting and cupcake recipes and all that jazz. Result: 36 cupcakes on the table!

  • The Sweet side

    18/02/2015 by

    So Valentine’s day came along and I guess chocolate is a must, right? Either if you are alone or you have a significant other, this day is just a good excuse to indulge on super moist fluffy cupcakes.

  • The lazy side

    11/01/2015 by

    Everyone has those days that you want to eat cozy home made food but you really don’t want to be chopping and stirring for an hour. So this is what I do : Creamy Mushroom Pasta. I must say it’s not the healthiest recipe of all time, but when you have your lazy mode on, who cares?

  • The Winter Side

    02/12/2014 by

    So the cold has set in and that makes it ok to drink more wine and eat more cheese. Sorry that’s the truth. For this same reason I ended up cooking this cheese appetizer twice this past week. Yes I have a thing with calories too, deal with it. It’s the best thing ever, really. You can make it in around 30 minutes, no hassle and really not that much dirty dishes. You can pick on it while sitting in your couch with your friends and be warm and happy. Goes well with red wine, off course.

  • The Music Side

    21/11/2014 by

    Getting a bit off topic today, so bare with me will you? Even if this will in fact be served with a side of a delicious recipe, today I’m up for showing you another side of my life instead, hence the title.

  • The soup side

    13/11/2014 by

    Winter has come and my nose decides it’s the official time to be runny and disgusting! Omg super cool ! Ok I’ll stop with the sarcasm. I’m sick for like a week now and it’s super boring. And what’s not boring you ask? Is that it gives me an excuse to cook up some soup!

  • Bored Funny Side

    07/11/2014 by

    Hey you guys! Today I feel Oh My God Soooooo Bored! Well being like this made me want to write here again (even if the other post was quite recent) and shake things up a bit!

  • Cheesy Treats

    04/11/2014 by

    It was one of those days that I really wanted some salty and tasty guilty pleasure style of a treat and I had nothing on the fridge, as usual. I also had people coming over, didn’t want to spend a butt load of money or had that much time to cook for that matter. So I came up with this recipe.

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