Chouxnuts with Grapefruit and Ginger Curd

These are so delicious that I can't believe I only had this idea right now! I was thinking that I was the first to have the brilliant idea of having a donut made out of choux pastry, but sadly I wasn't, obviously. However, I do think the full flavor combination is quite a rare one right?

The Fancy Side

So why did my usual cheap self decide to be fancy this time? Well I got invited to a baby shower, and since I really had no time to get anything else I just baked the cake, and if I'm doing just that I might as well go all out right?? I mean it's so supposed to be a delicious gift so it should be pretty and tasty at the same time!

The Christmas Side 2 (Black Forest Cupcakes)

I set my mind on making a Christmas sweet that I could serve for today's Christmas dinner party, so it had to be somewhat traditional, that I could make ahead of time, that was easy, fast and not so expensive. Honestly I guess I spent more time thinking about how to make it fast than actually doing it, so success. Black Forest Cupcakes are the shit!